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Why WMG, why do you hate me?

WMG says no YouTube for you!

So I was checking on my YouTube account and noticed that a couple of videos were taking a major nosedive in views all of a sudden. What the hell? A quick click on each video showed the cause of the problem in that cheery pink band that means bad news on YouTube:

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by WMG.

Noooooooo. Why WMG, why do you hate me? I wasn’t trying to rip you off, they were harmless videos: one was of a friend’s wedding and the other was of a local Relay For Life event. I promise that no WMG profits were harmed in the making of those videos lol.

Seriously tho, apparently I’m not the only person who’s had their videos put into ‘no longer available’ limbo (not deleted but not viewable). A Google search for This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by WMG comes up with all sorts of unhappy people posting about how their videos or the videos they were trying to watch have been taken down suddenly. Even a music video posted on a WMG-owned band’s official website was disabled. WTF?

All of this has come out of a recent breakdown in contract negotiations between WMG and YouTube. WMG wants more money and they haven’t gotten it so they started disabling videos left and right. Who knows if it will all work out in the end but it seems like all parties involved are losing right now. Especially WMG since it can’t be great PR for them to constantly have so many people looking forward to watching videos only to get a takedown message with the WMG name in it instead.

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The 26th of February

Today is Jody‘s birthday, he would have been 23 years old. Even though he’s not here we’re still celebrating it in his honor. We’re spending the day eating some of his favorite foods, watching the movies that he loved, and toasting to him with his favorite drink. We miss him more than words can ever say.

Jennifer designed and put together a beautiful card to commemorate the day he was born. The picture on the front of the card is from Jody’s first birthday party in Depok, Indonesia. The inside has pictures from his childhood and high school graduation. And the back has Alaska’s state flower, the Forget Me Not.

Front and back of memorial birthday card for Jody Wirawan.

Inside of memorial birthday card for Jody Wirawan.

Click on pictures for larger view.