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The Three Best YouTube Hitler Parodies

The Hitler crazy ranting scene from Downfall + ridiculous subtitles = a lot of hillarious videos. And thanks to insomnia I spent an unmentionable amount of time watching them on YouTube last night (at least I had something to do). Here’s three of the funniest ones:

Hitler Rants About Hitler Parodies

Hitler finds out that YouTube refuses to take down the parodies of his rant and is not too happy about it. Apparently the videos have been causing him all kinds of personal problems. He really loses it when one of his subordinates argues But sir, I could not help but lol when watching them.

Hitler Has Vista Problems

It’s the last straw when Hitler finds out that there was a bug in the latest round of Windows Updates. And he still can’t get his printer drivers to install properly.

Hitler Breaks His TV With A Wii Remote

Hitler breaks his TV playing Wii Sports and can’t afford a new one. Now he has nothing to do but rant and stare at maps all day.

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The Most Hardcore Metal Video Ev9a0r!!!!

I’m not sure but…if you run from a person and they chase you down and then proceed to touch you ‘down inside’…they’re probably not really your friend. Just sayin. Unless you like your friends like that.

(Warning: Do not watch this video unless you’re prepared to have a song stuck in your head for days. You’ve been warned.)

And yeah they did do a metal version too with a few of the lyrics changed slightly. It was a little ahead of it’s time and was never as popular as the first version.