Hello Kitty: The Story Of Her Life, Pets, Friends, And Family


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    I have been reading your stories for a long time and you have inspired me to look further in to things than just the obvious. you have made my life so interesting, THANK YOU. (:


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*All About Hello Kitty: The Story Of Her Life, Family, Friends, And Pets*

A picture of Hello Kitty to illustrate her life story.Many people out there think that Hello Kitty is from Japan…but actually she was born in the city of London, England and still lives there to this day.

Her real name is Kitty White, but she got the nickname Hello Kitty because of how friendly she is and how she’s able to help her friends feel happy even on a bad day.

Her favorite thing to do by far is baking and she loves baking cookies the best. But also she likes to collect cute things like little stars, stickers, and ribbons or listen to music to relax.

Hello Kitty is five apples tall and weighs the same as three apples. Her favorite word is friendship, favorite color is red, and her favorite food is her mom’s homemade apple pie.

Picture of Hello Kitty's family including her sister, father, and mother.The house Hello Kitty lives in is a nice, pretty house that is white on the sides with a bright red roof. It’s by far the cutest house in the neighborhood :).

She likes the house because it’s cute, but the part she loves best is her family.


Picture of Mimmy, Hello Kitty's twin sister who wears a yellow bow.Did you ever wonder who Hello Kitty’s family is? Here’s a bit about her family, some of it might surprise you:

Mimmy: Mimmy is Hello Kitty’s twin sister. Mimmy and Hello Kitty look a lot alike, in fact most of the time the only way to tell them apart is by the bows in their hair. Hello Kitty wears a red bow and Mimmy wears a yellow one.

Mimmy is more than just a sister for Hello Kitty though, they are best friends too and are always going on adventures together around the neighborhood and at school.

Picture of Hello Kitty and Mimmy wearing birthday hats and imagining delicious birthday cake.

Hello Kitty’s birthday is November 1st and since Mimmy is her twin they both have the same birthday. This makes birthday parties twice as fun for Hello Kitty and Mimmy.

A picture of Hello Kitty's dad, Papa George, wearing glasses and a tie.Mimmy is very different than Hello Kitty in some ways though. She is very shy and sometimes will spend an entire afternoon sewing and dreaming about getting married someday.

George: George is Hello Kitty’s dad (she calls him Papa) and he works for a trading company.

He works very hard but always finds time to spend with the rest of the family, especially telling jokes to Hello Kitty and making her laugh.

Picture of Hello Kitty's mother named Mary who she calls Mama, wearing a yellow hat with a red bow similar to Hello Kitty's red bow.Mary: Mary is Hello Kitty’s mom (she calls her Mama) who works at home taking care of the house and family.

Mary is famous for being able to bake the yummiest food, especially apple pie. Hello Kitty loves to bake too and hopes to be as good at baking as her mom someday.

A picture of Hello Kitty's grandfather wearing a blue artist's hat, glasses, and brown vest.Anthony: Anthony is Hello Kitty’s grandpa. He loves to tell stories and knows all the best stories.

The funny stories he tells will always make people laugh and the spooky ones are full of surprises but are never too scary. Whenever you see him there is usually a crowd around listening to his stories.

A picture of Hello Kitty's grandmother wearing glasses, a red hat, and white apron.Margaret: Margaret is Hello Kitty’s grandma and she is very sweet and loving. She likes to sit in a rocking chair doing cute little embroideries while listening to Grandpa Anthony tell stories.

But what she’s the best at is baking and she’s known far and wide for being able to bake the most delicious pudding.

When Hello Kitty is in school her favorite subjects are English, music, and art. Though what she likes best at school is seeing her friends and hanging out with them.


A picture of Hello Kitty and her friends sitting at a table in school and eating lunch.

A picture of Hello Kitty's friend who's name is Tracy wearing a yellow shirt and green overalls.Ever wonder who Hello Kitty’s friends are? Here’s a little bit about her group of friends:

Tracy: Tracy is known for being the joker of the group and has a very mischievous side. Everyone likes her because she is so friendly.

Picture of Hello Kitty's friend Fifi wearing a flower in her hair and a blue dress.Fifi: Fifi is the most energetic of the group by far. She is very active and likes to stay busy organizing fun events or trips to new places.

Picture of Hello Kitty's friend Jodie wearing a blue shirt and blue pants.Jodie: Jodie loves to read books and can usually be seen with at least two books by her side.

She also studies very hard and dreams of becoming a researcher when she grows up.

Timmy and Tammy: Timmy and Tammy are monkeys that are always getting into mischief.

Picture of Hello Kitty's friends Timmy and Tammy, Timmy wearing a yellow shirt and blue overalls and Tammy wearing a yellow dress and red bow.

They love to have fun and get attention by making people laugh.

Picture of a friend of Hello Kitty named Mori who is a seal that lives in her backyard.Mori: Mori is an adorable little seal that lives in Hello Kitty’s backyard and loves to lazily soak in the sun.

Picture of Joey the mouse who is a friend of Hello Kitty, wearing a blue vest and waving at the audience.Joey: Joey is one of the most popular kids in school and is very smart. He likes all kinds of sports and has won many medals for being a fast runner.

Picture of Hello Kitty's friend named Rory who is a yellow squirrel that's wearing a green vest.Rory: Rory lives in the forest by Hello Kitty’s neighborhood. One day when Hello Kitty was in the forest gathering cute flowers she met Rory and they became friends.

Picture of Hello Kitty's friend named Thomas who is a bear wearing a red necktie.Thomas: Thomas is a bear like no other bear that you’ve ever seen, he loves to roller skate.

Picture of a bear named Tippy who is a friend of Hello Kitty and has a crush on her.Tippy: Tippy is a friendly bear who wears a yellow bow tie.

He likes to help others and has a big crush on Hello Kitty.

Picture of Hello Kitty's teddy bear called Tiny Chum, wearing blue with white polka dots.Tiny Chum: Tiny Chum is a cute teddy bear that’s very small.

Both Hello Kitty and Mimmy treat him like a little brother.

But…Hello Kitty’s most important and best friend (other than Mimmy) is Daniel…


Picture of Hello Kitty's boyfriend Dear Daniel wearing a green shirt, blue pants, and red suspenders.His real name is Daniel Starr but everyone calls him Dear Daniel because he is so well-liked.

Dear Daniel and Hello Kitty have known each other since they were babies and have grown up together. His birthday is May 3rd and just like Hello Kitty he was born in London and is the same age as her.

He is a sensitive boy who finds wonder in even the smallest of things in the world and is known for his cool looking spiky hair.

His favorite foods are cheesecake and yogurt and he wants to be a photographer one day or maybe even be on tv.

Picture of the Earth smiling and wearing a Hello Kitty bow with a bird and butterfly flying around it.Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel are the best of friends and don’t like to be apart. That’s why it was sad for them when Dear Daniel had to go to Africa with his dad.

His dad is a photographer and was going there to take pictures of the animals so he decided to take his family on a world trip. Dear Daniel was excited to be going on such a trip but it was very hard to be away from his best friend Hello Kitty.

Dear Daniel was gone for a long time and traveled to many places around the world with his dad, mother, and little brother. Meanwhile Hello Kitty kept herself busy in London by hanging out with friends and going on adventures, but of course each missed the other greatly.

Picture of Hello Kitty with her boyfriend Dear Daniel.It seemed like forever but Dear Daniel and his family finally went to the last place in their world trip, the city of New York, and then flew directly back to London. I’m sure you can imagine how happy Hello Kitty was to see Dear Daniel again at the airport! She jumped into his arms and gave him a big hug.


Picture of Hello Kitty's pets named Charmmy Kitty the cat and Sugar the hamster.Oh I forgot to mention two more of Hello Kitty’s friends. Since Hello Kitty is a cat you might not have thought that she has pets, but she has two very cute ones:

Charmmy Kitty: Charmmy Kitty is a white Persian cat that her dad gave to her as a gift one year.

Charmmy Kitty is very sweet and like many cats loves shiny objects. If you see Charmmy Kitty you’ll usually be able to spot a shiny key around her neck.

This key goes to a jewelry box that Hello Kitty owns and Charmmy Kitty faithfully guards the key for her.

Sugar: Sugar is a very cute hamster that Dear Daniel gave to Hello Kitty as a present.

Picture of Hello Kitty waving and wearing a red bow, pink shirt, and red overalls.Sugar and Charmmy Kitty are the best of friends and can often be seen hanging out together.

So now you know all about Hello Kitty, her friends, and family. If you have any questions about Hello Kitty just ask in the comments section below and I’ll answer :).


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