First post is always the hardest, so I figured I’d get it out of the way right now. This is the first post of the Stories section.

So what is the story of the Stories section? Well the thing is as time goes on I find that there’s more and more that I want to write about on this blog, not really a surprise since I love stories and all. But all these posts have also run into a huge problem, mainly that not everything can or even should go on the front page.

It wasn’t always this way but these days the front page is a very focused place and I am intensely dedicated to keeping it that way come hell or high water. Not wanting to give up writing about everything I want to write about when it comes to stories though I just started to put non-front page posts in other random places or even worse no places at all.

Long story short it’s started to cause a problem and I need to give these non-front page posts a home before this blog starts to become a scrambled mess of drifting posts.

Enter the Stories section. Originally I was going to name this section Extras or something along that line, but I think that kind of a name just doesn’t do justice to what will be posted here not by a long shot :). What better name to give to an important part of a blog about stories than Stories?

So that’s the story behind the Stories section.