PostSecret postcard with a picture of a bride and groom cutting cake, with the caption I'm not really pregnant written in marker at the bottom.

I was browsing PostSecret and this postcard got me wondering.

It got my attention at first because of the places in the picture that someone scratched out so vigorously that they look like fiery sparks, but then I saw what was written on the bottom of the postcard:

I’m not really pregnant

It’s only a single sentence, but when combined with the picture of what presumably is the woman on her wedding day cutting into the wedding cake with her new husband…yeesh.

Starting their new life together based on a lie, the thing is, only she knows it.

What I like best about PostSecret is wondering what the story behind each postcard could possibly be, but this particular postcard instead makes me wonder what the future story will be and if she’s ready for this postcard to reveal her identity.

Closeup picture of a PostSecret postcard sent in a by an unknown bride.Judging from how the sentence on the postcard is phrased, she sent out this secret not too long after the wedding. Now that her plan to basically entrap that guy has succeeded is she now feeling a tinge of regret over what she did? Or maybe things in the marriage aren’t as rosy as she imagined they would be.

Either way (assuming that the picture is from her wedding day and not some random pic she got from the internet or something) one thing she may not have counted on when sending in this confession is the possibility of people linking her with this secret.

It’s getting to be a small world out there with the internet connecting us all, and every person that sees this picture makes it all the more likely that someone will recognize it. Her life could unravel at any time in the future, I wonder if she’s ready…