July 2, 1969

Picture of Jenni Rivera singing and smiling.It was on this day in 1969 that Jenni Rivera was born, and even from the very first days of her life she was a fighter.

You see, her family had been going through very hard times.

They worried about bringing another baby into that situation, so her mother had taken home remedies to try and stop the pregnancy early on.

But Jenni survived and was born anyway, and the situation around her birth became a story that she liked to tell to show that she was a fighter from the very beginning.

Good thing she was such a fighter because it turned out that life would throw many harsh obstacles in her way.

But Jenni Rivera not only overcame those obstacles one by one but she also worked tirelessly to help others to find strength within themselves. And I think for this the world is lucky that years ago on that summer day Jenni Rivera was born.

You can read more about her life and struggles in the story Not Afraid To Be Real: The Story Of Jenni Rivera.