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Blue Baby And The Broken Mirror: The Scary Story That Inspired The Game

Blue Baby Scary Story Urban LegendThere’s a scary story that’s often requested here, but I just haven’t gotten around to it until today: the spooky urban legend usually known as Blue Baby.

I first heard of the Blue Baby story when a reader going by the name of Jelly commented on the true story behind Bloody Mary:

“Have you ever heard of the story of blue baby? I would really like to read one of your stories on it…”

I think Jelly had an instinct that the two stories of Blue Baby and Bloody Mary were related. Even the games that people play to try to call the ghosts into mirrors are quite similar.

But before we get into that let’s hear the scary story of Blue Baby:


The mirror Baby Blue's mother used.There was once a baby whose eyes were the brightest blue color that anybody had ever seen. After he was born he soon got the nickname Baby Blue, and whenever a person came around him they just couldn’t help but to come over and rock him in their arms so that they could gaze into his bright blue eyes.

Well, that is, unless that person was Baby Blue’s mother.

Baby Blue’s mother did not want children. What she liked best was to sit in front of the giant mirror in her bedroom and to spend hours on her hair and makeup so that she looked just perfect. Every evening she would go out and have dinner with her friends at the latest trendy restaurant, and she knew if she didn’t dress in the latest fashion that her friends would be talking behind her back the next day. Or worse, never invite her to go out with them again.

The problem was, every day without fail when she sat down in front of her mirror Baby Blue would start to cry. She tried placing a cover over his crib, putting him on the other side of the house, and even flat out ignoring him, but he would always cry until she came pick him up.

You see, even though Baby Blue’s mother didn’t like him very much, he loved her dearly and didn’t feel happy unless he was in her arms. But it was this very love for her that eventually led to his death.


Urban Legend Blue Baby MotherPeople had been whispering. Baby Blue’s mother knew it was about her because whenever she got close they would suddenly go quiet and put on big fake smiles. There was no doubt about it, she had fallen behind, not only in her hair and makeup but also she hadn’t had the time to go shopping for clothes like she used to.

She knew her time was running out and that this dinner, the Saturday dinner, might be the last time she was ever invited if she didn’t show them the last few weeks were simply a fluke. She skipped having lunch and went straight to doing her makeup. But almost right away Baby Blue started to scream for her to hold him. It put so much pressure on her that her hand shook as she tried to do her eyeliner.

Hours went by, and as she looked at herself in the mirror she knew that the way she looked would not pass the test. She would be a laughing stock. And all the while Baby Blue have been crying in the background.

In a fit of rage she threw her expensive perfume bottle towards her own reflection and the mirror shattered. This only served to make things worse as now she didn’t even have a proper mirror to finish getting ready with. In the background she could hear Baby Blue crying harder after hearing such a scary noise. Something snapped in her at that moment and she grabbed one of the big shards of glass from her mirror. Soon Baby Blue had stopped crying.

Baby Blue Mother Story Behind

She sat on the floor for a long time, way past the dinner date she was supposed to go to. “It’s time to put Baby Blue to bed now,” she thought to herself sleepily and walked over to his crib. But when she got there she saw his lifeless body lying there with a shard of glass on the pillow. His empty eyes stared up at the ceiling, and perhaps for the first time ever she saw how beautiful the blue in his eyes were.

Desperately she tried to rock him in her arms to wake him up, but it was too late. Soon in madness she picked up the shard of glass from the crib and took her own life, in hopes that doing this would reunite her with her beloved son.

But it didn’t work, and this is where the Blue Baby game comes in…


Bloody Mary Story About Seeing HerAll around the world people like to do games or little rituals to test their limits of fear and explore the idea that there might be some existence beyond death. One way to do that is to play the Blue Baby game.

It can be played with only one person or a group, but basically you have to go into a bathroom that has been made to be pitch black, and lock the door behind you. Then stretch your arms out away from your body with palms up until you or one of your friends feel like a baby has been placed in your arms. That person then needs to take the baby close to them and cradle it in their arms, rocking the “baby” 13 times while saying Blue Baby over and over.

A baby will then appear in that persons arms …or at least its piercing blue eyes looking up at them. Sometimes people will start to feel scratches on their arms or legs, and at that point everyone should run to unlock the door and get out as soon as possible. Why? Because the scratches mean that soon a woman will appear in the mirror screaming a ghostly scream for her baby. She will kill anyone in her path in her quest to get her baby back and anyone is lucky just to escape with a few scratches.

The similarities between the Blue Baby game and the Bloody Mary game are many. Dark bathroom, ritual chanting, a screaming ghost coming out of the mirror, and the appearance of scratches. In many versions of the Bloody Mary game, Bloody Mary is in search of her lost baby and she’ll go after any person who calls her name in hopes of getting her baby back.

I think though that the biggest similarity between the Bloody Mary game and Blue Baby are the generations of people who have played these games. They were all looking for a scary, otherworldly experience, but not everyone was ready for it…

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The Girl Who Saw Bloody Mary

Picture of Bloody Mary's face that you see in the mirror.This week a reader named Yash Salva requested a scary story about someone who had died after seeing Bloody Mary in the mirror.

I think Bloody Mary is an interesting subject for stories (especially around Halloween time) so here’s one about a girl who died playing the Bloody Mary game, and what happened to the friends who had pressured her into it…


Some girls were having a slumber party one Saturday and after it got dark they all decided to play Truth or Dare.

Things were going along normally until it was the turn of a girl named Sonia. Sonia was new to the group and had just moved from another town a couple of weeks before. She decided it was best to pick ‘dare’ because she had a lot of secrets…and she wanted them to stay that way. Picking ‘dare’ would be much safer. After all, how much trouble could you get into doing a dare in a boring old house?

There was some whispering and giggling amongst a couple of the girls for a bit and then it was decided that Sonia’s dare would be to go into the bathroom and call to Bloody Mary in the mirror.

“You have to do it right though,” said one of the girls, “you have to be holding a lit candle, turn off the light, and spin around three times while chanting ‘Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Maaary’.” She said the last part in a really spooky voice and the girls around her laughed.

Picture of a girl that seen Bloody Mary in the mirror while playing the Bloody Mary game.But Sonia wasn’t laughing.

She had thought they would dare her to do something like run outside with underwear on her head yelling the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or something stupid like that. But trying to summon Bloody Mary was entirely different. Back in the last town she lived in she’d heard stories about what happened to people who were able to summon Bloody Mary and…

“I don’t think I’ll do it,” she said.

The other girls got mad though and started to make fun of her. One girl asked her if she wanted to just go home “since playing Truth Or Dare is obviously too scary for you” and another said that she was cheating, you couldn’t back out of a dare once you’d picked it.

So that was that. Sonia really wanted to make friends with these girls so she reluctantly agreed. They gave her a lit candle and she took it into the bathroom. That was the last time anyone ever saw her alive. When she got in there she hesitated and didn’t go up to the mirror, but the other girls started laughing and just closed the door behind her, holding the door handle so she couldn’t get out.


Picture of a lit candle being used to summon Bloody Mary while spinning around three times and chanting.From the other side of the door the girls heard Sonia asking them to let her out, but they told her she couldn’t come out until she did the Bloody Mary game and did it right.

There was a pause and then they heard a click of the light switch followed by footsteps walking over to the mirror. They heard her turn around three times while carefully saying “Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Mary”.

There was a few seconds of dead silence and then they heard Sonia drop the candle, scream, and run back to the bathroom door. She pounded on the door and screamed for them to let her out, but that just made the other girls burst into uncontrollable giggling and hold onto the door handle even harder to keep her in.

You see, they thought she had dropped the candle and got scared of the dark, so they were going to have some fun and keep her in there for a minute.

But then Sonia stopped screaming. There was no more pounding on the door, and no more pulling on the door handle. There was just…silence. It was a very eerie silence, and for the first time the other girls felt scared.

They let go of the door handle but she didn’t even try to come out, and when they called to her there was no answer. A nervous argument broke out amongst them about who was going to go in the bathroom and get Sonia. Nobody wanted to do it but one girl Picture of a door to the bathroom where a girl had summoned Bloody Mary through the mirror.(the one who had taunted Sonia earlier with the spooky voice) was chosen. Try as she might though, she couldn’t get the door open.


Finally all of them at once had to push on the door to get it open, and they saw why it was so hard to move the door: Sonia’s body had been blocking it. They found her dead on the bathroom floor with red scratches all over her arms and feet, and as terrible as it was to see her lifeless body it wasn’t until they saw her face that they all started screaming.

Her face was twisted into a sickening look of horror, and both her eyes were now an inky black color.

They just stood there screaming until their parents came to see was happening. The girls never spoke a word about it though, not to the police, not to their parents, not even to each other. In fact not too long after that day they all stopped being friends and started keeping to themselves. Everybody around them assumed they were grieving for Sonia, but the girls who had been there at the slumber party knew it was because of fear.

For the rest of their lives each girl avoided looking in mirrors, especially ones that were very close, for fear that they’d see Bloody Mary. Or worse, see the twisted face and jet black eyes of Sonia…finally come to get her revenge on them.