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Somebody Call 911

Picture of boy saying Ahh I have no story!

I don’t know what’s happening in this picture exactly, but it sounds like my worst nightmare.

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Funny Or Terrifying? Akaname The Bathroom Ghost Of Japan

Picture of Akaname Japanese scary story“CLEAN the bathroom!” Every day parents around the world end up shouting this at their children after asking them nicely over and over to do the chore.

Let’s face it, there’s not a lot of kids out there that will absolutely jump for joy at the idea of cleaning a grungy bathroom and there usually isn’t much that parents can do about it.

But in one part of the world parents for generations have used a certain scary story to terrify their kids into scrubbing the bathroom to a sparkling shine.

I’m talking about the scary stories of a freaky demon called Akaname.

Akaname is described as a creature with a body that’s somewhat like a human but is twisted and mangled, with skin that looks like it’s been burned. The freakiest part about an Akaname though is its long sticky tongue. It’s said that Akaname lurks in the shadows of people’s houses at night and will come out to feast if it’s favorite food is available.

What’s it’s favorite food you ask?

Grime, filth, mold, all the things that tend to accumulate in a bathroom if nobody takes the time to clean it.

Tales of Akaname warn children that if you don’t do your chore of cleaning the bathroom when you turn on the bathroom light at night you’ll encounter this scary creature hunched over and feasting.

Akaname is kind of a funny story to talk about in the daylight, but I’m guessing that a lot of lazy children who didn’t do a good job on cleaning the bathroom seriously regretted their decision when they needed to use the bathroom that night. They had to make the decision of either possibly encountering an Akaname …or trying to hold it till morning :D.