Who Are The Sisters Of Jody Michael Wirawan?

Picture of the front of the memorial card for SPC Jody Michael Wirawan which was designed by his sister Jennifer Grattan Wirawan.Apparently there’s been some confusion out there so here’s a list of the sisters of my brother Jody Michael Wirawan who is from Anchorage, Alaska.

Jody has 3 sisters:

Anita Wirawan from Anchorage, Alaska.

Jennifer (Grattan) Wirawan from Anchorage, Alaska.

Amelia ‘Tsunami’ Wirawan from Jakarta, Indonesia.

At right is a picture of the memorial card for Jody which was made for his memorial in 2008 by his sister Jennifer (Grattan) Wirawan. To see the entire card check out the Gallery section of the online Memorial For Jody.