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When A Story Is Just That Good…

Funny picture of a guy reading a book while sitting on a wheelbarrow.

Don’t know about you but I totally can relate to this guy. When I’ve got hold of a good story I’ll steal a few moments to read it whenever I can, no matter where I’m at or what I’ve got for a seat lol.

Of course having books on the phone and reading stories online is definitely a lot easier than lugging a big book around, but hey whatever works!

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Scary Stories To Read For Halloween!

Picture of a scary pumpkin looming over a spooky Halloween landscape.

Halloween time has come around again and you know what that means…scary stories :).

Here’s five terrifically terrifying scary stories for Halloween 2013, read them if you dare…

1) *Faces In The Mirror: The True Story Behind Bloody Mary*

Picture of the face of the real Bloody Mary whose name was Mary Tudor.

You’ve heard of the Bloody Mary game, but did you know there’s a chilling true story behind it? READ THE STORY

2) *The Scary Story Of Arabella The Haunted Doll*

Scary picture of a haunted doll named Arabella to illustrate this story.

When Penny inherited a doll from her grandmother, strange things started happening… READ THE STORY

3) *The Angry Ghost In Room 113: Be Careful What You Look For*

Picture of a scared eye in a haunted hotel.

Here’s a scary story about how one man found out you should be careful what you look for, because you just might find it… READ THE STORY

4) *Legend Of The Slit-mouthed Woman: Kuchisake Onna*

Picture of Kuchisake-onna the Slit-mouthed woman looking with scary eyes and a gash over her mouth.

A freaky urban legend that caused mass panic in Japan in 1979, it’s not hard to see why… READ THE STORY

5) *Scary Story Of The Old Woman In The Subway Station*

Picture of a scary old woman to illustrate this spooky Halloween story.

A girl named Maria tries to help a mysterious old woman sitting on a bench, but as she gets closer she realizes there’s something very wrong… READ THE STORY

Well what did you think of these scary stories? Leave your comments in the comment box below or tell me your own scary stories :).