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The Most Hardcore Metal Video Ev9a0r!!!!

I’m not sure but…if you run from a person and they chase you down and then proceed to touch you ‘down inside’…they’re probably not really your friend. Just sayin. Unless you like your friends like that.

(Warning: Do not watch this video unless you’re prepared to have a song stuck in your head for days. You’ve been warned.)

And yeah they did do a metal version too with a few of the lyrics changed slightly. It was a little ahead of it’s time and was never as popular as the first version.

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Putting Things Together

A frame from They Won't Have Me.


One of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to make more YouTube videos. I love to put them together but it seems like I can never get as many done as I want. Why? I always think it’s going to be a lot harder than it actually is. I’ll get an idea in mind and then just let it sit there forever because I’m too intimidated to try.

But usually it’s not that hard. And if the video does end up being difficult once I’ve started I’m too into it to care. Sometimes it doesn’t even take that much effort to get things going…


So I was sleepily browsing who knows what on the internet and stumbled on a site called Prelinger Archives. It’s basically a collection of old movies, ads, propaganda, and other derelict footage that probably would have just faded away otherwise. A lot of it is from the 40’s-50’s-60’s, which really clicked with me since I’d been watching a lot of TCM at the time. I started to think about maybe doing a YouTube video that would include some of that footage.

Whenever I was listening to my iPod I kept an eye out (ear open? mind…well whatever) for a song that might work with something from Prelinger. ‘They Won’t Have Me’ by The Indigo Girls with all it’s imagery of old farmers and new subdivisions seemed like it would be fun to try. At first I wasn’t sure if it would actually pan out but it turned out to be pretty easy. A few minutes of searching came up with all sorts of footage of farms, farmers, suburbia, and even the Subdivision Man lol. Awesome. Fast forward to a week later and the video was done.

So yeah, no more procrastinating when I get inspired. If I get dismotivated I’ll just keep in mind how easily the ‘They Won’t Have Me’ video came together.

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Picture of my brother Jody Michael Wirawan of Anchorage and Eagle River, Alaska.

Nobody should have to bury their little brother. When they lowered Jody’s casket I felt like I went into the ground too. Now I spend every day in shock of the empty page. So I started this blog.