The Discovery (Hint Memoir)

The Discovery Story About Jennifer Wirawan

She realized she must build.

Yes, this new world
would be a place for hearts,
but also wanderers
in quest for stories of the past.

Well, this is the last day of Jennifer Hint Memoir Month for this year. Sad to say it’s over but at least there’s always next year.

The hint memoir story for today started out as a bit of a play off of last year’s final Jennifer Hint Memoir, which was titled ‘A Place For Hearts’ and talked about her newfound hobby of graving.

She’s since started a blog about her hobby as a way to share pictures and stories about the interesting things she comes across. So I decided to make the topic of today’s hint memoir about the blog itself, since I’m a big fan of the stories she writes about there. The blog is called Graving With Jenn and it’s got lots of great stories so I’d definitely recommend checking it out :).