Today Is Stephen King’s Birthday

Stephen King's book 1st novel Carrie with a picture of Carrie looking from behind a door.Today is Stephen King’s birthday :).

Born in Portland, Maine, as a boy he was a big fan of comics like Tales From The Crypt, which helped spark a lifelong love of horror stories.

He went on to write his own horror stories and got his first novel, Carrie, published in 1973.

It was during the promotional tour for Carrie that he experienced his own little horror story of sorts…okay maybe it’s more funny than anything but I would have been horrified if it happened to me lol… READ THE STORY

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No Doors! The Funny Story Of Stephen King’s First Autograph

A picture of author Stephen King author of Carrie, looking at the camera.So, funny story.

Stephen King is well known for being the master of authoring nightmarish scenarios, but the story of the first autograph he ever signed will probably make you giggle.

It did start out as a bit of a scary scenario though: coming down with an extremely bad case of the stomach flu right in the middle of a book tour appearance…


Back in the 70’s Stephen King was on a tour to promote Carrie which was his his first novel. As part of his book deal with the publisher he traveled around the country appearing on tv and radio shows as a way to drum up interest for the book.

At a stop in Pittsburgh he had been booked to give a talk at a dinner event one of the local newspapers was hosting. A picture of the first edition cover of the book novel Carrie by Stephen King.

The dinner was held at a very fancy pants sort of restaurant and he had to be one of a few folks that sat at a table that was on a raised platform so that the crowd could easily see them. There he would eat his dinner as well as give a talk to the crowd and maybe do some q and a.

However, something went horribly wrong that night. This is a something that we’ve all experienced at certain points in our lives and it’s not fun. He described it like this ‘…well there’s this thing called Montezuma’s Revenge…’ LOL.

And as you can imagine it didn’t matter that he was on stage, he had to get out of there and get to a bathroom right away.


So this very pretty and fancy restaurant had an equally pretty and fancy bathroom. Unfortunately one thing it didn’t have is doors on any of the stalls. Er, I’m not sure why the stalls didn’t have any doors but at that point King didn’t have a choice, he had to use it.

Picture of an old man to illustrate the story of author Stephen King's first autograph.He made it to a stall and was sitting there when… the bathroom attendant (which he described as being ‘roughly 102 years old’) slowly turned and looked at him.

And to his horror the attendant then started to walk towards the stall, with paper and pen in hand!

When he got there he said ‘Aren’t you Stephen King? I saw you on AM Pittsburg …can I have an autograph?’

And that is the very unglamorous (but hilarous) story of the first time Stephen King was ever recognized by a fan and asked for an autograph. Oh and if you’re wondering yes he did give the guy his autograph right then and there lol…