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Hidden From Disney: Shoutout This Week To Jenevieve

Christopher Robin And Winnie The Pooh True StoryThe shoutout this week is to a reader named Jenevieve who read The True Story Behind Winnie The Pooh and had a realization about her own life:

“Hi Anita,.. This is such an unexpected moment upon finding this story about the real Christopher Robin, ironically 54 years into my life!

You’re not going to believe this, but,. my grandfather started Walt Disney Studio’s with Walt Disney. My Grandmother was “Archived’ in the Disney Records as being Walt’s personal seamstress. My mum’s sister was the head secretary who ran the tax department for Disney.

What leaves me awestruck, is that the real Christopher Robin and I had somewhat similar parental issues. From what I was told, my mother could not have any further children after having my brother, as she had been in a very serious car accident. Her brother in law told her that he didn’t want my brother to grow up a spoiled only child, thus my parents were FORCED to adopt a child, being me!

Winnie The Pooh And The GangAs I remember my childhood, I was left to play alone in a dark closet , being left with a record player and the original vinyl record of “Winnie the Pooh,” narrated by Sebastian Cabot.

I would play that record over and over again, while I had in my company an original Winnie the Pooh teddy bear. I remember my mum sewing Pooh and his little shirt, over and over again as he would come apart at the seems.

Also, where Christopher Robin played his imaginary games, I was left with a tray of blue Play School wooden blocks and a brown paper bad. I would play “Knock knock Halloween in the dark hallway outside the closet.

As I look back, I will NEVER understand WHY I was hidden from the Disney family and the “Disney world”, as it’s my understanding that my parents and grandparents had a “Very intimate relationship” with the Disneys. What also disappointments me, is that I will never know what my mum did with my Pooh bear and my record?

I just happen to want to post an image of the Pooh gang on my FB page, yet I couldn’t find the picture in my files, so I looked up the picture online, .. to stumble upon your article.

Picture of the real Christopher RobinTHANK YOU! THANK YOU so much for posting the article as it has given me so much peace today upon the similarities and connection I had to Pooh as Christopher Robin did”

Hi Jenevieve,

Thanks for sharing your story. My heart goes out to you, especially your childhood-self who was locked away all those years!

It’s good that you had the stories of Winnie The Pooh to comfort you through those hard times. Sounds like the memories of Winnie The Pooh are a comfort even now, which goes to show how powerful those stories and characters are.

I am glad you have found peace the day you read about Christopher Robin’s story, I hope you have many more days of peacefulness to come!

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Life As She Described: Shoutout This Week To The Ikarians

JK Rowling How She Wrote Harry PotterThe shoutout this week is to The Ikarians. She posted me a comment on the story of how J.K. Rowling struggled to write Harry Potter:

I’m Reading this Post again today and have to tell WOW!!! It made my day! In many ways I feel my life as she described without having exactly the life she has when a kid, but this story talks to me in a different level so personal. Once again Thank you Anita For posting this!

Thanks The Ikarians, I’m glad you still enjoy the story! I have a lot of admiration for J.K. Rowling, not only for what she overcame to become successful …but also for sharing the stories of what she went through.

A lot of celebrities prefer to gloss over the darker parts of their past, but J.K. Rowling chooses time and again to share the truth of her experiences so that others can be helped. When people see their own experiences in “life as she described” they know that they’re not alone, and that the darkest times don’t have to last forever.

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Talking To Ghosts: Shoutout This Week To Ron Potter

Cemetery Path Talking To GhostsThe shoutout this week is to a reader from India named Ron Potter. He wrote me a message about talking to ghosts after reading the story of the Barog Tunnel:

Yes. i have decided to go that place. i like to write ghost stories as novel. Many ghost told their stories to me.

i have talked with a ghost of Inspector of Delhi (1947 Freedom Year) and [got a] good story. but yet i could not write because of my problem. He told me to find his diary. But he told there is a Big Building over there and His diary still under it deep in Earth. : (

I like the idea of ghosts talking to the living and telling their stories, though it sounds like things can get a bit complicated. Let me know if you ever get your novel published Ron and good luck on finding that diary!