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The Boy Behind Pokemon: True Story And Urban Legend Behind The Game

Pokemon True Story Behind Game

Pokemon is one of the most popular video games ever made, odds are you’ve played it at some point in your life, but did you know that there’s a true story behind the game?

I had no idea until I got an email from blog reader Amanda B, who said:

Hello I recently came upon your blog and I must say they are very intresting ^_^ and I have been wondering about the theory of pokemon.

I have done my own research on it and I keep coming up that ash is in a coma and that he dreaming everything that is happening. I was just wondering if you know the truth behind it. Please and thank you ^-^

This made me wonder if there really was a true story behind Pokemon, and if so would it be a weird one?

I was intrigued by the idea that such an imaginative game could possibly have real people (and …real animals?) behind it. I dug into things and time and time again came across the theory that Amanda B mentioned. It’s the most popular theory of Pokemon out there, and it’s known simply as “Ash’s Coma”.


Pokemon Ash Coma True Story TheoryThe theory of Ash’s Coma came out of the Pokemon cartoon series, which went into detail about the story of Pokemon and it’s main character Ash. In the first episode his life seems fairly normal, but then he gets into a bad accident while riding his bike.

He wakes up from this accident and suddenly his world is changed. Ash starts to travel the globe and has fantastical adventures involving the training and battling of strange creatures. There’s a bizarre twist though, no matter which new town that he goes to there’s always the same nurse and police officer there.

The Ash’s Coma theory came out of this and other weird aspects of the show. The theory states that Ash never actually woke up from the bike accident. Instead he was found unconscious and taken to the hospital. The doctors there put him on medications for his severe injuries and this is how the world of Pokemon came to be.

Pokemon true story Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny

The medications were meant to keep his body alive but they also helped his mind to cope with being in a coma.

If his mind wakes up before his body is fully healed and able to move then he will likely go insane. So his imagination builds new worlds and situations for him to experience while he slowly comes to terms with his situation. The nurse and police officer are trusted people that he knows from his “real” life and they help him stay anchored to the real world, that’s why they’re in every town that he goes to.

Presumably Ash eventually recovered from the coma, and used his dream world of Pokemon adventures as the basis for the game. But is any of this even true?


Pokemon Satoshi Tajiri Life Story

Well, after looking into the history of Pokemon I can tell you this: it was based on the adventures of a real boy, but his name wasn’t Ash. The boy that Pokemon was based on was a Japanese child named Satoshi Tajiri, and he wasn’t your average kid.

Satoshi was born with a condition of the mind called Asperger’s syndrome, which makes a person obsess over certain things to the extreme, at the expense of other parts of their lives.

As a child Satoshi was a human bug hunting machine and would go out daily to the woods near his house to find them under rocks, or stick his hands in the local ponds and scoop them right out of the water. Then he’d bring them home to study them, sometimes even observing how they’d fight each other.

Satoshi was such an extreme bug collector that his classmates started to call him “Dr. Bug”. He was sure that he’d collect bugs all his life and become a scientist that studied bugs when he grew up. But then things started to change in his hometown. The population was booming, and the places that he got his bugs from were paved over with concrete to make way for buildings. Soon there weren’t enough bugs around, forcing him to give up on bug collecting.

Satoshi Tajiri True Story Behind Pokemon

But Satoshi still had Asperger’s syndrome, which meant that to make his mind happy he needed to find something else to be obsessed with. He eventually found a new love, video games. He started to spend massive amounts of time in video arcades having a great time playing games like Pac-Man and Space Invaders. His parents, however, were absolutely horrified. He often skipped class, and the more he got into video games the more his grades slipped. They could imagine “Dr. Bug” growing up to be a scientist, but the only future they could see for “Dr. Video Game” was as a low wage worker at an arcade.

True Story Boy Behind Pokemon AshSatoshi never gave up though. Slowly but surely he worked his way up in the video game world, publishing a magazine about video games and developing his skills as a game programmer. Then in the 1990’s he saw two kids playing against each other on Game Boy’s using a link cable and he had a flash of inspiration. His imagination showed him a picture of bugs crawling along the link cable, and the idea for Pokemon was born. He wanted to use video games give the new generation of kids the chance to find and collect weird creatures like he did as a child.

He took his idea to Nintendo and the rest is history.

He based Ash on himself as a kid and put the fun he had as a child into the game. Pokemon went on to become one of the most popular video games ever. Millions of people of all ages play the game each day, but they probably have no idea that it all started with an extremely curious kid named “Dr. Bug”.

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Don’t Let Them In! Scary Stories Of The Black Eyed Children

Black Eyed Children Scary Story PictureOn Halloween it’s perfectly normal to have spooky looking children knocking on your door. Any other day of the year though and you might be getting a visit from the Black Eyed Children.

Today’s story was requested by the always awesome Jennifer, who got the idea after coming across a site where people were talking about encounters with eerie beings known as Black Eyed Children.

Turns out that those visited by Black Eyed Children soon realize that getting rid of them isn’t as easy as giving out some treats…


It’s another one of those days where you’re at home alone with not much to do. You’ve been passing the time by lazily browsing stuff on your phone while the tv flickers in the background, but really you’re about five seconds away from curling up on the couch and taking a nap. That is, until you hear three faint taps coming from the front of the house.

Could it be somebody at the door? Seems strange that they wouldn’t use the doorbell, but whatever, you decide to get up and investigate anyway.

Black Eyed Children At The Door StoryWalking quietly up to the front door you look through the peephole to see who it is, but no one’s there. That’s …weird. Goosebumps form on your arm as you scan the view through the peephole and your mind races through all the possible things that could have made the noise.

Maybe a trashcan blew over on the sidewalk, maybe it was a tree branch hitting the front of the house. Three car doors slamming in the distance? Or maybe… well, let’s face it, all are equally lame theories.

You glance at the door lock (yup, it’s locked) and consider tiptoeing away when a decent theory finally pops into your mind. The more you think about it, the more it makes sense: it must have been the mailman. He was delivering that package from Amazon you’ve been waiting forever for and knocked on the door so you’d know it was on the front step.

Before you know it you’ve got the door unlocked and have flung it wide open, ready to scoop up the package. But Picture of Black Eyed Children BEK Boy and Girlinstead you just about jump out of your skin, because standing in front of you are two of the spookiest children you’ve ever seen.


Both the girl and the boy look to be about nine years old, but there’s something about their faces that make them seem much older. Their skin is incredibly pale, and they have such an eerie look about them that it’s almost hypnotizing. The boy is standing closest to you and starts to speak.

“Hello. We have gotten lost while walking in this neighborhood today and need to call our mother, may we please come in?”

“Um…”, there was something odd about the boy’s voice, it just didn’t seem to fit a nine year old. For some reason your mind feels fuzzy but you manage to come up with an excuse to keep them outside “What’s her phone number? I’ll get my phone and dial it for you.”

The boy looks slowly at the girl, then back at you. “I cannot remember. We need to go in and sit down right now so I can remember.”

Yeah, no. Your mind may feel fuzzy but you haven’t lost it completely. “I…just remembered my phone is broken,” you stammer, “how about you try another house? Sorry.” Then you grab the door and start to close it.

“No! You must let us in!” the boy shouts while Angry Black Eyed Children Scary Storyholding his hand up in the air and looking you directly in the eyes. And it’s at this point that your heart freezes, because you realize what was so absolutely unnerving about these children. It’s their eyes, their eyes are an inky black color.

But now that those soulless black eyes are looking right at you, you feel very strange. Suddenly you aren’t so sure whether to completely close the door or let them in. Something tells you that if you wait too much longer then you’ll lose all will to resist. So with all the willpower you can muster you shut the door and lock it, expecting to hear the boy shouting from the other side. Instead though there’s only complete silence.

You run over to the window to see if they go to the neighbors’ house next, but the front step is empty and there’s no one to be seen anywhere. Both children have simply vanished.


Black Eyed Children History Folklore MythologyThat story is an example of what people report experiencing when they get a visit from the Black Eyed Children, sightings of which have been on the rise in recent years. But who are they, and why do they want to get into your house so bad?

Mythology and folklore from cultures around the world have their share of stories about people with eyes that are completely black. Most of these beings were considered to be people who are under the control of something evil.

Like in some parts of South America when children with inky black eyes were sighted, they were thought to be kids who had died and whose body became occupied by an evil spirit afterwards. These evil spirits would use the bodies as a way to go walking around undetected.

Some legends about Bloody Mary even say that if she appears to someone playing the Bloody Mary game that their eyes will immediately turn black.

Stories Of Black Eyed Children BEK BookBut what makes the stories of Black Eyed Children different is how the children always knock on people’s doors and demand permission to be let in. These kinds of stories seem to have first been heard of in the US and the most famous account of them is a report from back in the 90’s by a man named Brian Bethel, who said two eerie looking children approached him in an empty parking lot.

The children were very insistent on getting permission to be let in, and when he denied them they became angry. It was only then that he realized they both had inky black eyes. He drove off in a panic, and when he looked in the rear view mirror both the children had mysteriously disappeared even though there was no place for them to go.

This leads to another question: why do the Black Eyed Kids need permission to get in so badly anyway, can’t they just step inside the doorway if they really wanted to?


Picture of many Black Eyed Children at the door.Pour salt across a doorway, splash olive oil on a door, sprinkle holy water around a room, the list of ways to keep evil spirits out can get quite long depending on which stories you read. The main idea behind them all is to ritually make a line that something evil can’t cross, and this line is usually focused on the doorway to a house or room.

I think it’s interesting that in the stories of Black Eyed Children they can’t seem to get inside the house without explicit permission of the person who answered the door. This points to them being the type of evil that doesn’t have any power until you invite it into your life.

And as for what happens when someone actually does let the Black Eyed Children in, well no one seems to know. Many people believe that it means those who let the them inside don’t survive to tell the tale. Who knows, but if you hear three knocks on your door and eerie looking children are on your doorstep it might be a good idea to check their eyes first.

If their eyes are inky black whatever you do, don’t let them in.

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Urban Legend Of The Mysterious Caddilac In The Driveway

Picture of Cadillac to illustrate urban legend.This story is an old urban legend that became popular around the US, especially in my hometown of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Different versions of the story ended up being told as far away as Bergen, Norway where it was reported on as fact by a newspaper there –and caused a scandal when a rival newspaper called them out on the story being an urban legend.

Which just goes to show that you should always get the whole story before reacting, it’s something Hal had to find out the hard way…


There was once a cement truck driver named Hal who spent his days driving around and delivering freshly mixed concrete to construction sites. Things were going along great until one day he was on his way to a site and his stomach started to growl.

Urban Legend of woman on the phone cement Cadillac.He looked around his truck but his lunch was nowhere to be seen. ‘Must have left it at home on the kitchen table’ he thought to himself. He was starving but figured the missing lunch was no big problem, he’d just swing by the house and pick it up before going to the next construction site.

Plus, his wife had been acting strange and secretive lately, talking on the phone in a hushed voice and hanging it up whenever he got too close, so he was actually happy for an excuse to stop by the house unannounced. It was probably nothing, but something about the phone calls gave him a nagging worry in the back of his mind.

Well when Hal turned the cement truck onto the street his house was on his nagging worry exploded into a huge alarm bell: there in the driveway, his driveway, was a shiny black Caddilac.


This was no random visit, nobody he knew of had a Caddilac like that. He barely put the cement truck in park before jumping out and rushing up to the living room window.

Urban Legend about jumping to conclusions.There was no one in the living room so he tried window after window until finally he spotted his wife. She was sitting at the kitchen table cradling a cup of coffee …and next to her was a broad shouldered, well dressed man with slicked back hair. They were chatting and smiling warmly at each other, and then she laughed and touched his arm with a twinkle in her eye.

That was just too much for Hal, he wanted to burst through the window and punch the guy right in that smug-looking face. But then he had a better idea.

He went back to his cement truck and pulled it right up to the black Caddilac. The doors were unlocked so it was a simple matter of opening the driver’s side door and putting the concrete chute directly inside. He smiled as he flipped the switch to release concrete into the car, revenge was sweet.
Cement truck driver urban legend.


Hal didn’t stick around to see the expression on the Cadillac guy’s face when he saw the car, Hal figured he’d hear all about it from his wife when he got home. And when he pulled up that evening she came right out of the house and stood in front of him. She didn’t say much, but it was enough:

“I’ve been saving up for two years to make this weekend a special one. The car salesman was nice enough to deliver it so I could surprise you. Well, enjoy your birthday present.”

And with that she turned around and walked back into the house, leaving Hal standing there to look at his very own solid cement Cadillac.