Some videos that I’ve put together over the years:

Cat is freaked out, but why? (2010)
I was sitting at the desk in my office when I noticed my cat Anne was freaking out. She was crouched in the doorway next to me and kept peering anxiously down the hall like something scary was in the living room. What the hell was out there?

I was home alone so this was kind of unsettling to me, especially since I’d left the back door open…



They Won’t Have Me (2008)
A farmer struggles with a difficult decision.



Jody Wirawan Memorial (2009)
A video about the life of my brother Jody Wirawan that was played at his memorial.



Let It Ring (2007)
A video about civil rights based on a song by Amy Ray.



Lost In This Moment (2007)
A video made with footage from a wedding here in Anchorage, Alaska.



Last Tears (2007)
How the Bush Administration policies affected people’s lives at home and abroad. Based on the original Last Tears video by the Indigo Girls.



Jennifer Vs. Ostrich In Indonesia (2008)
Jennifer encounters an ostrich at the Taman Safari Zoo in Indonesia.



The Bake Sale Video (2008)
Fred Meyer employees fundraising for Relay For Life in Anchorage, Alaska.



Relay For Life Anchorage, Alaska (2007)
A 24 hour Relay For Life event in Anchorage, Alaska.



Lacrymosa 4 Jenn (2007)
A video I made for my wife Jennifer, who loves this song.



On Your Honor (2007)
A video about soldier’s experiences in the Iraq war.



Lasagna Feed (2007)
A Relay For Life fundraiser held at the Dimond Fred Meyer in Anchorage, Alaska.



Alaska Road Trip (2007)
A video Jennifer and I made with footage from our trip from Anchorage to Fairbanks one winter.



About This Page:

My name’s Anita Wirawan and I live in Anchorage, Alaska. I started making videos a couple of years ago after I got a camera for Christmas and started filming everything in sight.

It turns out that I like editing videos a lot more than filming them, mostly because I’m really really shy :). I still do both though and try to post as often as possible.

Most of the videos on this page were originally meant for an entry in one of my blogs but each has taken on a life of their own in different corners of the internet. Good/bad it’s always interesting to hear people’s reactions to a video and I appreciate every comment and email. Thanks for watching and I hope you’ll find the stories that you need here.




1. Who’s Jody Wirawan?

Jody is my brother who died a few days before completing his enlistment with the army in 2008. You can read a short bio about him here.


2. Why do you post so many Indigo Girls videos?

Because they are awesome. That is all.


3. What is Relay For Life?

It’s a fundraising event for the American Cancer Society. My wife works for a company that does a lot of fundraising for them and I usually document a couple of those events a year. Some of these videos are unavailable right now due to copyright issues with WMG.


4. What program do you use to make videos?

I use the now old-school Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0.


5. What’s it like living in Alaska?

Alaska is beautiful and amazing. I love living in the heart of a big city but still being able to drive to the middle of nowhere in a couple of hours. There’s nothing like spending your weekends camping/hiking in the kind of wilderness that most people only see in movies. I lived in a lot of different places when I was younger but nothing felt like home until I came to Alaska.

The downside is that there isn’t as much diversity here as in other places. When I am out with my wife people can get a little cross-eyed when they realize that we are two women who are in love with each other. Or they will stare like they’re expecting something. Who knows what they’re expecting but they’re no doubt disappointed when they realize we’re just picking out groceries because you know, we’re in a grocery store.

But overall living here is great. I really enjoy travelling and visiting other places but no matter how nice it is I always look forward to coming home :).



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